Author Interview and Takeover: Lynsey Stewart

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Please join me tomorrow evening April 12th at 5pm est over on the Facebook Page.  Scroll down to read through my interview with Lynsey.  Enjoy!!


TJ:  What made you take the plunge into writing?

Lynsey:  I’ve always had stories swirling around in my head. I find that music inspires me so after doing the school run I would go for a walk or run, listen to music and find myself creating stories based on the lyrics of my favourite songs.

I’m an obsessive reader so the more indie books I read and the more I researched about self-publishing I realized I would only regret it if I didn’t try writing my own.


TJ:  What’s your writing style?  Are you a plotter or pantser?

Lynsey:  A mixture of both! I have a general outline but often the voices of the characters take me in a different direction. It’s worked out pretty well so far…


TJ:  Have you always been an author at heart?

Lynsey:  Honestly? I don’t know! I still pinch myself that I’ve even self-published. When I held a paperback copy of Let Me Be Your First it felt slightly surreal! I think I’ll say I’ve always been a romantic at heart and leave it at that!


TJ:  Tell us all about your current or new release.

Lynsey:  Let Me Be Your First is a contemporary romance. It features a group of best friends, Elle, Abi, Kate and Gem. Elle’s story is the main focus in this book. She is a social worker, so she has a very caring nature; she would do anything for anyone and has a heart of pure gold. She’s the kind of girl that you could call at seven in the evening to organise a great night out, or at two in the morning to ask for advice!

Elle doesn’t have any experience when it comes to dating but she’s at a point in her life where she wants to find Mr Right. Along comes Luke Simms, an ex colleague who she had a huge crush on. Luke has as much baggage as the lost luggage department at Heathrow airport! We join Elle as she navigates her way around her first relationship and starts to question if Luke Simms really is Mr Right?


TJ:  What scene was your favorite to write?  Were any scenes difficult to write?

Lynsey:  My favorite scenes are always when the girls get together for a wild night out or a catchup over chocolate cake in their local café. They have a very natural friendship but they are all quite different characters so the dynamics are interesting to say the least! There are always plenty of laughs, sarcastic banter and lots of love!

I didn’t find a particular scene difficult to write. During the beta and editing process there were times I needed to tweak certain scenes but honestly, I loved every second of writing this book!


TJ:  Is there a general takeaway you want readers to experience after they read your novels?

Lynsey:  I want readers to ‘feel’ the characters. I want them to get right alongside them on their journey and really root for them. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted my books to be about real people having real life experiences. I hope they are relatable and that readers really like them as characters!


TJ:  Are any of your characters based on real-life people or experiences? If so, who?

Lynsey:  Not specifically, no. I’ve certainly been inspired by the experiences of people around me. I have a very similar group of mad, wonderful friends! Elle is probably the character that is most like myself.


TJ:  Do you have any advice for other writers?

Lynsey:  If you have an idea that won’t go away, listen to it. Once you start, make sure you have a great team of support around you. I had amazing authors willing to share their own experiences and they gave me some fantastic advice. Always ask for beta feedback before publishing. Be open to criticism and use it to elevate your work. Do not underestimate the importance of a good editor. My relationship with my editor has grown and developed into something I would never be without. We just clicked and I trust her 100% with my words. Search for the same, you won’t regret it.


TJ:  What can we expect from you next?  Any new works in progress?

Lynsey:  The second book in the Music and Letters series is called Let Me Be Your Hope. It’s Abi’s story and I’m really excited about it! I’m hoping to release in early summer.


TJ:  Please tell our readers where they can find you online.

Lynsey:  I love hearing from readers! Here’s where you can find me.

Follow me on Facebook:

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