We Love… Sylvain Reynard

Check out Ramona’s amazing interview with Sylvain Reynard!

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I want to start this article by thanking my readers for their support and the writers for agreeing to answer my silly questions:) When I began this I had no clue that the readers will love it and that my favorite writers would be so opened and kind regarding my request.

This post is very special to me, because I managed to have a wonderful conversation with Sylvain Reynard, that tops my first 3 writers list. Sylvain’s penmanship is mesmerising and The Gabriel Series and The Florentine Series are my absolute favorites, because of their complexity, the research behind them and the unforgettable characters that stick with me even today.

I will let you read the interview below and I want to thank Sylvain again for agreeing to do this. Enjoy 🙂

Ramona: To start with, please share something about yourself with the readers 🙂

SR: Hello Ramona. Thank you for…

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