Now Live: Salacious by A. Zavarelli

Title:  Salacious

Author: A. Zavarelli

Genre:  Romance

Release Date: 3/8/2017

Standalone Novella

 photo Salacious.jpg


“Sometimes we must indulge in the things society would not approve of.”

Short, steamy, and totally taboo. Salacious features two haunted and repressed souls finding comfort and power in each other.
Keller Vaughn is an art professor atoning for a crime he erroneously claims responsibility for. For six years, he been serving a self-imposed sentence of atonement. Until an equally haunted soul catches his eye. His student, Chloe Abernathy, is a curiosity he can’t ignore.

“She’s an artist’s muse if ever I saw one. Tragic. To say that I have not noticed her would be a lie.”

These two lost souls attempt to ignore their mutual attraction and lust for a while, but aren’t capable to hold out for long. Keller tries his best to avoid the temptation. He definitely gives it the old college try (pun intended). Fortunately, that doesn’t last long.

“I wish she’d never stepped foot in my class. Never caught my eye. This beautiful fucking poison.”

Here’s what I enjoyed: The writing is beautiful. It’s artistic, emotional, and poignant. It’s definitely the highlight of this very short novella.

I enjoyed the raw emotion of the character’s struggle. The situation and circumstances they’re dealing with could be crushing, however they eventually find a way to deal with their difficulties with each other’s help.

Overall, this is a quick enjoyable read if you take it at face value. It’s a novella, so there’s no character building. It’s more like a snapshot in time. We only get a brief glimpse into their psyche. It’s an insta-lust and insta-love quickie.

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