Book Review: Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

Title:  Crown of Lies

Author:  Pepper Winters

Genre:  Dark Romance

Series:  Truth and Lies Duet – Book 1

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◄◄ Goodreads Blurb ►►

“I met the boy I wanted. But then he vanished and a new man claimed me instead. My father approved, my colleagues congratulated, and behind closed doors, I was bedded by a stranger.” Noelle Charlston lived a fairy-tale life: a doting father, a powerful job, and a future blessed with financial security. However, two meetings with two men changed her happy existence forever. First, she met the boy who made her heart sing. Second, she met the man who made her blood quiver. Noelle’s freedom was no longer hers. It belonged to the man her father believed was the perfect match. The man who pulled his lies over everyone he touched. Including her. Seduced and manipulated, Noelle lives two lives. The one everyone sees on the outside and the one no one sees on the inside. The lies he spins, the truth he hides, the mystery he webs—it’s all enough to slowly erode the woman she’d been and turn her into something else. Until her past collides with her present. And it’s her turn to lie. To everyone…including herself.

◄◄ My Thoughts ►►

Crown of Lies is a beautifully rendered and vibrant creation. The craftsmanship is remarkable. It’s written like a piece of art. The sentences and paragraphs have been masterfully carved from the mind of a master artisan. I was completely entranced and captivated by every word.

This is my first Pepper Winters read. If each of her books is this well-written and intriguing, I’ve truly been missing out. Don’t worry! I plan to rectify this travesty immediately.

In Crown of Lies , things aren’t what they seem. People aren’t who we expect them to be. That’s honestly the most striking thing about this book. None of the characters really fit the norms I expected. This book kept me off kilter throughout and I loved every twisted turn I encountered.

Here are the basics: Noelle Charlston is a business-women who was literally raised to run her family’s business. From a very young age, her father grooms her to take-over after his retirement. Her upbringing is a bit unorthodox. Unlike other kids her age, all her spare time is spent learning the business and preparing to lead the company. Not surprising, as she grows up she feels trapped by the weight of her responsibilities. Her first mini rebellion leads to a life altering encounter with a Nameless stranger.

 photo Crownoflies14.jpg

The story focuses on her struggle to remain the woman she was groomed to be, but also her pursuit to find a bit of freedom to spread her wings. When Elle meets the enigmatic Penn Everett, she takes a chance on him in the hopes of finding the freedom she craves.

 photo COL Collage.jpg

He demands her complete surrender, but she knows nothing about him or the life he led before their chance encounter.

What I absolutely loved: The story is as enigmatic as it’s hero. The cast of characters aren’t what I expected at all.
My heart pounded the entire time I read this book. I couldn’t read fast enough. There’s danger, suspense, subterfuge, and unexpected encounters.
Elle and Penn were smoking hot!

 photo crownoflies13.jpg

This was truly an amazing read. It has my highest recommendation!

I rate it: four-and-a-half-stars

**ARC graciously provided by the author for honest review**

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