Book Review: Dark Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

Title:  Dark Mafia Prince

Author:  Annika Martin

Series:  A Dangerous Royals Romance – Book 1

Genre:  Dark Romance/ Mafia

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He’s watched her all her life.  She thinks he’s dead.

Aleksio Dragusha was 9 years old when his parents were betrayed.  He and his brothers were separated and sent away.   Two decades later, he’s on a mission to reunite his family and take control of his stolen criminal empire.  The only problem –  the woman he watched grow up, his former childhood friend, is caught in the middle of the battle.


He’s drawn to her, in spite of using her as a pawn.  Her presence could ruin everything he’s worked so hard to build.  Aleksio and Mira are on opposite sides of dangerous war.  The plot and storylines are interesting.  The main characters are strong and complex.  The setup for future plotlines is evident and definitely caught my attention.   This is an intriguing start to a 3-part series.  Aleksio and Mira’s story is full of action, drama, violence, and sexual chemistry.  He wants to avenge his parents and keep her safely away.  She can’t deny her feelings.


She’s closer to the young girl he remembers and nothing like the spoiled mafia princess persona she promotes on social media.  After spending more time with Aleksio, she sees glimpses of the young boy she once loved.  Will these two overcome the dangerous obstacles facing them to find true love?

Overall, I really enjoyed this read.  This is my first experience with Annika Martin, but certainly won’t be my last.  Looking forward to  Book 2!

I rate it: four-stars

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