Book Review: Mr. President

Title:  Mr. President

Author:  Katy Evans

Series:  White House Book 1

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


Katy Evans has outdone herself with this one! I loved this one so hard.

Mr. President is more than an entertaining read; it’s an experience. The story is so well executed that I actually felt like I was experiencing the act of falling in love all over again. Major props to Katy Evans for giving me that stomach sinking tingly butterfly feeling once again!

Mathew Hamilton is not only untouchable, but unattainable. He’s soon to be the most powerful man in the country, but lives under the weight of family expectations.

“Everybody has always wanted me to be something bigger than I am. To guard and follow the legacy of my father and the family name.”

 photo mrpressuit2.gif

Charlotte Wells is sweet and pure. She’s the only girl he can be himself with. He wants her; he trusts her. She’s wanted him since their first meeting. Regardless of those desires, she understands the risks.

 photo Mr. President_1.jpg

“Matt is going to be the end of me. Maybe the end of my career, too. And I should probably take that into serious consideration before I do something reckless.”

Here’s what I absolutely loved: Initially innocent and sweet, Charlotte and Matt’s love grows into a forbidden passionate longing. The relationship development was expertly done. The characters are likable and sexy as can be. The chemistry and sexual tension between these two is palpable. The forbidden nature of their relationship added just enough drama to make this very interesting. Heck, I even loved the dog! But what I loved most about Mr. President is the sensory aspect of Katy’s writing. The reader feels those slight brushes of the hand, relishes the teasing banter, experiences the longing glances. Gah, it was so good!

 photo mrpres1.jpg

Overall, this is an outstanding read. Fans of Katy Evans and newbies alike, will absolutely love this book! My only warning is that this book ends on a cliffy.

I rate it: four-and-a-half-stars

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