Book Review: Nico


Author:  Sarah Castille

Title:  Nico

Series: Ruin and Revenge Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 6, 2016

This perfectly sums up my thoughts after finishing Nico!
What I liked:  One word – Nico.
I enjoyed everything about this character.  The description, character development, and overall execution of writing this character was sheer perfection for me.  He strong, sexy, dangerous, feared, and respected.  Utter perfection!  Like Mia, I was immediately drawn to him.
“God, was he gorgeous. Movie star handsome, he was sleek and rugged at the same time. His ice blue eyes were a startling contrast to the dark hair that curled at this temples…”
Although Nico is my new love, Mia was no slouch either.  She’s a feisty, cool, chick who totally rocks!  I enjoyed her character immensely.  She’s hardworking and makes a point to uplift women and young girl…totally kickass!
The writing is superb.  The sexual chemistry is off the charts, but there are also other interesting storylines at play as well. This book is full of action, intrigue, and suspense.  That’s all capped off with the smoking hot romance between the MCs.   Ms. Castille expertly manages all those elements to create an entertaining and engaging read.  I was totally pulled into her world and only left it kicking and screaming.  I went all in!  This is a true page turner.
What didn’t work for me:  I had some issues with the violence against women and their overall treatment.  I understand the necessity for it (to add to the authentic feel), but it was hard to read at times.  Other than that, this was perfection.
Overall, I absolutely loved this book.  Nico has ruined me for other potential book boyfriends!  He owns me heart and soul!  Sarah Castille is amazing!  If all her books are this great, I have some catching up to do!   Now the wait is on for Luca!
* ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley

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