Book Review: Beautiful by Christina Lauren

Title:  Beautiful

Author:  Christina Lauren

Series:  Beautiful – Book 5

Release Date:  October 4, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Audiobook:  Narrated by Grace Grant, Sebastian York, Jonathan Cole, and Jeremy York

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What happens when an uptight workaholic from Boston meets a free-spirited vacationing Londoner?  Sparks fly, of course.  In the series finale of Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard series, Jensen Bergstrom meets the lovely Pippa Bay Cox.  Pippa’s visiting her friend Ruby (from Beautiful Secret) after finding her boyfriend a.k.a “the thrusting bum” cheating on her in her bed. WTF, right?   Initially, Jensen thinks Pippa is a Nutter.  However, after spending time with her and finally relaxing while on vacation he begins to open to her and let his guard down.

What I liked:  I loved our heroine Pippa.  She’s funny, vivacious, free-spirited, and refreshing.   She’s the type of girl I’d like to vacation with.  The storyline was entertaining.  I was most entertained by the texts from Bennett relating how much pregnancy has changed Chloe.  They were laugh out loud funny!  As always with a Christina Lauren book, the writing was superb.  The book is witty and entertaining.  The highlight for me was the epilogue.  It was epic and I loved catching up with all the couples from the previous books.

What didn’t work for me:  Jensen didn’t do it for me.  Unfortunately, he just didn’t rev my engine.  I absolutely loved Pippa, but I didn’t feel a real spark with these two.  There was also no real conflict between these two. It was more a pushing away, which irritated me but also makes sense when you take Jensen’s personality into consideration.

Audiobook review:  Grace Grant did a good job narrating this tale.  Pippa definitely sounded like an authentic Brit.  Sebastian York always does a fantastic job.  I would definitely recommend the audiobook version.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read.  I’m a huge Christina Lauren fan and I hate to see this series end.

I rate it:  3-5-stars

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