Book Review: Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March

Title:  Beneath These Shadows

Author:  Meghan March

Series:  Beneath – Book 6

Release Date:  October 25, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Audiobook:  Narrated by Sebastian York and Andi Arndt

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Needing to escape her life in New York, Eden Matthews takes a one-way flight to New Orleans.  She arrives in the city with only her luggage.  She has no hotel reservation and it’s the week before Mardi Gras.  It doesn’t take long for her to run into a bit of trouble, but luckily she’s saved by a sexy tattooed giant.  Bishop is immediately intrigued by the innocent newcomer.  He tries to deny her effects on him, but he can’t deny his need to protect her.

What I liked:  Meghan March writes some of the sexiest alpha heroes I’ve ever read and Bishop is no exception.  She had me hooked at his description – Huge, tattooed, and sporting a man-bun.  Yep, that’s all I needed.  This is a fast-paced read that’s full of action.  We can always count on Meghan to deliver squirm worthy steamy scenes.  She did not disappoint.  I absolutely loved the appearances from all the couples of the previous Beneath books.

What didn’t work for me:  I didn’t connect with the heroine, Eden Mathews.  I found her to be naïve and immature.  I really struggled with her stumbling into mishap after mishap while sight-seeing in New Orleans.   After finishing the book, I get how those scenes played into the storyline.  However, while reading it I was annoyed.  I absolutely love New Orleans, so that’s totally on me.  I also struggled with both the main characters hiding behind their secrets throughout most of the story.

Audiobook review:  Sebastian York and Andi Arndt are a dynamic duo of awesomeness!  They did an exceptional job narrating this dual POV novel.  I would recommend the audiobook version.

Overall, the book is entertaining and the narration is exceptional.  It just didn’t click with me on all levels.  I rate it: three-stars_0

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