Book Review: Sweetest Taboo

Title:  Sweetest Taboo

Author:  J. Kenner

Series:  S.I.N. Book 3

Release Date:  October 4, 2016

Genre:  Romance / Erotica

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Sweetest Taboo is the final installment in J. Kenner’s S.I.N Series.  It’s the long awaited conclusion to Dallas and Jane’s wild story.  The story picks up exactly where Dirtiest Secret ends and follows these two forbidden lovers through the completion of their drama filled journey.

Unfortunately, this series didn’t resonate with me.  I really wanted to love this series, but couldn’t get past some of my earlier gripes with the first two books – redundant mentions of the sibling relationship between the H/h and the other women.  With that said, I feel this conclusion is satisfying although a little predictable.  I had a strong feeling I knew the “woman’s” identity in book two, so that reveal wasn’t very shocking.

Readers who like over the top drama and suspense will love these books.  Although the series didn’t work for me, I rate this book 3 star for Kenner’s exceptional writing, the transformation of Dallas (no other women), and the fact that all loose ends were tied up nicely.

**ARC received from publisher via NetGalley for an honest review**

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