Book Review: Sparking the Fire

Title: Sparking the Fire

Series:  Book 3 – Hot in Chicago

Author:  Kate Meader

Release Date:  September 27, 2016

Goodreads    Amazon

Movie star Molly Cade is on a mission to repair her tarnished reputation.  Producing and starring in the next Hollywood blockbuster is just thing she needs. Convinced the movie will be a hit if she can get the Chicago Fire Dept. seal of approval, she travels to Chicago to meet with their consultant.  There’s just one problem with that plan.  The fire consultant is actually the hot Marine she had a nameless fling with a few years ago.  Wyatt Fox knows why Molly Cade has really requested to have a CFD consultant.  She wants his sister’s endorsement and involvement in the movie she’s shooting.  He agrees to serve as a consultant to ensure that doesn’t happen.  Somehow, he convinces himself it has nothing to do with the hot and steamy week they spent together five years ago.   He’s only fooling himself!  Sparks fly on and off the set!

Here’s what went well – Although this is book 3 in a series, it reads well as a standalone.  I can personally attest to that fact since this is my first Kate Meader book.  I’m actually kicking myself for that.  Anyways, the secondary characters are front and center.  Anyone who’s followed this series will surely be pleased to catch up with those characters.  They are certainly colorful and entertaining.  

What could have gone better – The main characters are adequate.  I really loved their chemistry in the of the relationship, but got a teensy bit annoyed at how they handled some of the drama after rekindling their romance.  Maybe I’m selfish, but the excuses they used to stay apart just didn’t do it for me.  Hot guy, Marine, and fire-fighter…. I’m walking through fire to hang on to that sexiness not looking for ways to leave.  Yep…I’m selfish.  Since this was my first book in the series, I was expecting hot fire-fighting action, but since Wyatt is off duty and serving as a consultant there are no actual fires or rescues. 

Overall, this is an enjoyable read.  Not a whole lot of firefighter action, but still good.

I rate it 4 Solid stars

**Advanced copy graciously provided by publisher via NetGalley**


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