Book Review: Legal Wolf’s Mate

Title:  Legal Wolf’s Mate

Author:  Eve Langlais

Release Date: October 4, 2016

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Holy plot twist Batman!!  I didn’t see that coming. 

Legal Wolf’s Mate is a short entertaining read.  Originally published in the Growl anthology, this short novel is now available in stand-alone format.  Gavin, a high powered attorney, takes on a pro bono case for his friend Broderick.  Little does he know, the woman accused of murder is actually his soulmate.  He didn’t believe in the existence of a fated mate until his eyes land on Megan.

Here’s what went well – Gavin is instantly attracted to curvy girl Megan.  I loved his swagger.  He’s sexy and he knows it.  Why bother beating around the bush, right??  He tells Megan flat-out that he plans to own her.  Actually, he was completely honest and upfront with her about everything…including being a shifter.  She just assumes he was being an arrogant ass.  Megan was not upfront nor honest.  She and her family definitely provided some WTF moments.  I honestly didn’t see the plot twist coming, but I wasn’t disappointed.  Loved, loved, loved Gavin’s nickname for Megan and how he uses it!

Here’s what didn’t go so well – There’s no background information given on the characters.  I don’t recall Gavin’s last name ever being mentioned.  I know they’re characters and not real people, but I still expect that information.  Gavin’s enemy and maker has a full name, why not the main characters. Yep…I’m a nit-picky bastard.  I also expected a little more steam.   Another small issue for some may be the lack of condom usage.  They weren’t even mentioned. 

Although short, this is a solid read.  It’s what I like to think of as a quick little pick me up me.  I’d recommend it to readers who enjoy bite size paranormal romances with sexy and sometimes deranged shifters. 

My steam factor rating for this book is a 3/5.  My overall rating is 3.75 Stars.

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