Bookreview – One Step Behind by Brianna Labuskes

One Step Behind by Brianna Labuskes

Release Date: September 26, 2016

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She thinks he’s a thief; he thinks she’s dowdy country mouse, but when Gemma Lancaster and Lucas Stone join forces to catch a murderer they get more than they bargain for.   This is a story of intrigue, romance, and adventure.  It’s absolutely not what I expected, but boy was I impressed.

What worked well:  This regency romance has action, intrigue, and clever dialogue.   I thought it would be a sweet predictable romance, but there’s so much more to this novel.  It was truly a pleasant surprise.

The writing is top notch.  The plot was well planned and executed.  Although I figured out the identity of the bad guy before the big reveal, this was by no means a predictable read.  There were several other details uncovered that I had not considered.  I loved the main characters.  Gemma is witty, feisty, and brave.  Lucas is possessive, protective, and sexy.  They were great together from the very start of the book.

What didn’t work so well:  Other than the minor predictability… the romance took a while to get too.  It was more of a slow burn than I prefer, but it wasn’t a huge detraction.

Overall, this was a very engaging read.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this book to others who enjoy this genre.

I rate it: 4 Stars

**Advance reader copy provided via NetGalley for an honest review**

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