Review: Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis

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Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis is book 1 in the Roaming Devils MC series. This is a hardcore gritty MC novel. The author is very clear that these aren’t your typical lovable alpha male bikers. Obviously I’m paraphrasing, but it’s important to note the Roaming Devils MC is a 1 percenter MC. I appreciated that disclaimer since this isn’t my typically read. If you’re like me, this book will likely be outside your comfort zone.
With that said, the book wasn’t bad. It was actually a pretty good read. I just cringed through the drug use, loose women, and violence LOL. The main characters Ryker Dennison and Ella Hawkins met years before in high school. Ryker’s had a crush on Ella all this time, but felt she was too good for him. When she shows up at the Roaming Devils clubhouse looking for a way to save her kidnapped father, he agrees to help her.
Ryker is drawn to Ella despite his intentions to stay away. She’s the daughter of a policeman; he’s the product of a hardcore MC upbringing. Their relationship shouldn’t work, but they fight through major adversity to stay together. The concept is really great, but was executed with a few flaws. Ella make no sense to me. She’s a total flake. She goes from professing loves and understanding to sharing details of illegal activity with her father. I almost got whiplash from all the back and forth with her. Ryker on the other hand was a pretty good flawed hero. I can get on board with a man doing the best he can as long as he’s honest, sexy, and committed!
Overall, this wasn’t my cup of tea, but I drank it anyway. It was a decent read and fans of this genre will likely love it. I will admit to being curious where the series leads. The cliffhanger led me to believe the MC is headed in a direction that will be more palatable to my tastes.

I rate itthree-stars_0

**Advanced copy received via NetGalley for honest review**

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