Review: Play Calling by Kate Donovan

Play Calling by Kate DonovanPlay Calling by Kate Donovan is Book 6 in the Play Makers series. Sociologist Noelle Sharpe is mortified when her Lifestyle column is taken out of context and creates a media firestorm for the local NFL team. Daniel Riga, head coach of the Portland Lancers can’t understand why every reporter at the team’s press conference prefers to focus on a newspaper column and book he’s never read. When the author shows up at his home to apologize for the fallout, sparks fly!

Here’s what worked for me – The characters! Both Daniel and Noelle are interesting and believable. Above all, they are likable and this allows the reader to really buy into the story. The concept, plot, and pace all work very well. The action flows seamlessly. I really enjoyed the Zombie discussions and titles of Noelle’s books. They were very funny! The sports theme was also handled superbly. Ms. Donovan really does a great job there. I was thoroughly entertained. Best of all was Noelle’s puppy Bo!

What didn’t work so well for me – The romance and sex scenes could have been a tab steamier. I didn’t feel the heat and passion the characters supposedly feel for one another. That’s just my humble opinion and I may be in the minority here. However, I will note that the story is still really good.

The secondary characters were entertaining, but there were quite a few of them. I couldn’t always keep track. That’s more so because I haven’t read all the books in the series, so it will likely enhance the enjoyment for readers who have followed the series from the start.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others with a disclaimer for those who enjoy steamier romances.

I rate it:   four-stars

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