Review: Heartless by Winter Renshaw

Heartless by Winter RenshawAidy finds a handwritten journal outside a townhome during a storm. Intending to save the journal from ruin and return it to its owner, she takes it. She ends up keeping and reading the journal. After reading several entries, she becomes obsessed with the romantic tale of love and longing. When she finally musters the courage to return the journal, she meets the attractive and enigmatic “Ace” Amato. Their first meeting does not go well, but they continue to run into each other over the course of the week and an attraction develops. Eventually they give in to the attraction, but Aidy worries that Ace is the author of the journal and will never be able to give her his whole heart.

What works really well here are the characters and the pace of the story. The characters were great. Aidy is a free spirit who’s always ready and willing to offer a kind word or help someone in need. I loved the interaction between her and her family. Ace is the exact opposite and is just beginning to venture out of his reclusive shell. His willingness to try new things with Aidy is sexy and endearing. This is a classic tale of opposites attracting. Aidy brings joy and life into Ace’s dull existence.

What didn’t work so well was the execution of the concept and the length of the novel. It was too short. I wanted so much more of these two. While the concept was ingenuous, it didn’t really work for me. Great idea, but could have been more believable. The thought of a man writing the flowery prose contained in the journal was just not believable IMO.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was a super quick sexy read. I rate it 3.75 ****

**Advance reader copy provided for an honest review**

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