Review: A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders

A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders3.5 Stars – Let me start by saying that I really thought I’d LOVE this book. Unfortunately I was wrong! This was almost a DNF for me. And I don’t fancy myself a quitter, so that’s saying something. The hero, Dante was just too much of jerk for me early on. I couldn’t possibly fathom how anyone would want to breath the same air as him, let alone sleep with him, or better yet fall in love with him. Seriously?? It couldn’t have been me!

At any rate, I stuck with it and Dante eventually grew on me. Still not enough that I actually believed there was actual chemistry between him and Cleo. But more so that I questioned if I’d read two different books. He does a complete turnaround midway through. He starts out as a jerk of epic proportions and then transforms into the wonderfully sexy and generous alpha male I expected going in. Had Anders incorporated some of his redeeming qualities into the story earlier, this would be a solid 4.5*** for me. Even so, it was still a decent read or rather listen (I purchased the audible edition) and totally worth the price I paid.

Here’s what worked well: The plot and pace were both good. I thought it’d be predictable, but it wasn’t. There were some surprises that I really enjoyed. I felt the entire range of emotions while reading this book. Mostly anger, but there were also a few smiles and a couple tears. Overall, it’s a solid read once you get to good part  LOL

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