Review: Hard to Hold by Katie Rose

hard-to-holdAvailable on Amazon September 13, 2016! 

Hard to Hold is a beautiful story about making the absolute best out of a difficult situation.  Logan Hart is a professional soccer player who is blindsided with the knowledge that he fathered a child during a one-night stand.  Having no clue how to care for an infant, he hires an agency to provide a nanny.  The nanny is gorgeous and sparks fly immediately!  On the surface, it appears the story will be your typical romance.  However, the book tackles several difficult real life issues in a very realistic and compassionate way.  ***spoiler alert*** Isabella’s depression/ medication and inability to have kids along with child abandonment issues and the possible neglect of the child are just a few of the real life challenges this books handles beautifully.  I was very impressed. 

The characters are both strong.  I liked their chemistry immediately.  Isabella doesn’t take any crap!  She’s feisty and headstrong, but also tender and vulnerable.  Logan is such a great character!  He’s the kind of man every woman dreams of – handsome, generous, family-oriented, compassionate, and loyal.  

Overall, the book is well written and I enjoyed it immensely.  

I rate itfour-stars

**I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review**

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